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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Alien Bubbles

alienbubblesPOP! I've always wanted to blow a huge bubble and then take it home to show my mom, but by the time I caught the bubble, it would always pop. NOT ANYMORE! Click here to make some Alien Bubbles so you can blow giant...
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Baby Birds in a Nest

babybirds How cute are these baby birds? They are super easy to make and super cute to look at. Decorate your room or your backyard with these fluffy little birdies. Click here for instructions....
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Bird Nest Cupcakes

Bird Nest Cupcakes It's Easter Sunday! Why not make some adorable bird nest cupcakes to share with your friends and family. They make a great snack for hungry little egg hunters. They're cute, easy, and fun to make! Click here for the recipe......
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Squirt Gun Masterpiece

SquirtGunPainting It's warm outside, so why stay cooped up in the house all day? Water guns can make the house wet and slippery, painting can make a mess; so take it outside! Paint with squirt guns and make a beautiful piece to hang in the house. Read more