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Meet the Team

Avian Kingdom’s award-winning Feathered Tales provide a great way to talk to young children about the challenging topics we all face while growing up.

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Our team

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our mission

Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales were created to help explore the dilemmas we all face growing up. We hope they foster an environment to help you share and grow.

We believe in family values and the sharing of ideas.

With our iPhone game Wing Whackers and the award-winning Feathered Tales series, we hope to provide a fun and interactive way to learn about birds, energy, and the environment while helping some of the world’s most amazing avian heroes.

Our Books

Birds of a Feather. Our first book!
Two Hoots and a Holler Team Hootsie and Tootsie!
Pelican Sky. Wellington is such a fun little guy!
Neither Night Nor Day. Adventurous Vladimira!
The Hollow in the Hill. Little Habicht’s Bravery!
Reeks of Roses. Robben’s new habits!