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Under Our Wing Donates Hundreds of Books to the Texas Children’s Hospital

We have teamed up with sponsors, co-sponsors, and local volunteers to make a positive impact in Houston! The Under Our Wing Literacy Program is donating hundreds of books to children during a two-part Valentine’s week event. The event will directly benefit the Houston Area Women’s Center and the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Avian Kingdom’s dedicated staff and host of volunteers ensured that part one of the event, which was Monday, February 10th at the Houston Area Women’s Center, was an outstanding success! We are eagerly anticipating part two of the event tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th from 1:30-3:00, at the Texas Children’s Hospital! Click on the image above to discover how you, or your organization, can create a brighter future for our community!

These organizations are making Valentine’s week memorable for Houston children:

Gwee Global


Shaftel Diamond Co.

Realis Medical Spa

Xpedite Coatings


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