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Have Fun With Your Kids

Be A Card Shark!

Turn off the TV tonight, and teach your child a classic card game, such as Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or Uno. Adapt the rules for younger kids.

activity_icon_lrg_2Build A Secret Fort!

Drape old sheets over lower tree limbs and clotheslines. Eat dinner there! Stay up chasing fireflies and listening to “night sounds.” The possibilities are endless.

activity_icon_lrg_3Hold A Car Wash!

Park your car in the driveway and let your child give it a good scrub with a pot of water and sponge or with the garden hose. Get the whole family involved for added fun! Plus, you’ll have a squeaky clean car afterwards.

activity_icon_lrg_4Build A Garden Labyrinth!

Outline a path in your backyard using stones, twigs, or unmowed grass. Simple patterns can be found on the Internet or in books. Little kids especially will love following the twists and turns of your creation.

activity_icon_lrg_4Get Cooking!

Kids especially love making pie crusts, biscuits, and pizza, because they can squish the dough with their fingers. Watching yeasty dough rise and then punching it down is especially entertaining

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