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How to Build a House of Cards

For those who have never made a card house, it can be a very fun and inexpensive way to pass the time. There are many different ways to build a house of card; just follow our examples until you get the hang of things. We do have just a few tips before you begin. First, try not to breathe on the cards – this could prove disastrous. Also, do not use paper clips, glue, or tape – this is house of cards cheating. When you’re done, show us your creations by tweeting #AKCardHouse!

What you’ll need:

  • Avian Kingdom Memory Card Game or a standard deck of cards
  • A flat surface
  • A cloth or sheet to build on
  • Patience and a steady hand
  • (No owls are necessary)
House of Cards
activity_icon_lrg_1Take two cards and create a teepee shape, leaning the cards together at the top with the base of the cards about 2 inches apart. If the surface you are using is slick, lay down a cloth/sheet so that the cards do not slip. House of Cards Step 1
activity_icon_lrg_2 Repeat Step 1, placing your next teepee shape as close as possible to the first. House of Cards Step 2
activity_icon_lrg_3 Take a single card from your deck and place it length-wise across the two teepees, creating a bridge between the two peaks. House of Cards Step 3
activity_icon_lrg_4 Take two more cards and create another tee-pee on top of the bridge that you created in Step 3. Once you complete this step, you should have a basic card house. Keep building! House of Cards Step 4

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