Feathered Tales

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Interactive Games

Our enriching iPhone and iPad games are a great way to give your children more interaction with their favorite characters from our Feathered Tales series.

High-Flying Bingo!

High Flying Bingo Time for some Bingo fun with the Avian Kingdom sidekicks and the De-Raptor codex. Help promote family values, environmental stewardship, and literacy with our class-friendly, kid-friendly, bingo game. You can download the High Flying Bingo iPad app from the iTunes store and play along with the printable PDF cards.

De-Raptor Codex

DeRaptor Codex Use the De-Raptor Codex to decode secret avian messages left by your favorite heroes.
Solve mysteries presented on multiple pages of ‘Birds of a Feather,’ ‘Two Hoots and a Holler,’ and other Feathered Tales. You can even create your own messages to send to friends! You can download the De-Raptor Codex app from the iTunes store or here for the Android version in the Google Play Store.

Wing Whackers

Wing Whackers Wing Whackers is a fun and interactive way for children and adults of all agesto learn about birds, energy, and the environment while being able to actually support and save the lives of some of the world’s most amazing avian heroes. You can download Wing Whackers from the iTunes store.

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