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Halloween is for the Birds: Fun Halloween Games for the Whole Family

Red Angry Bird Halloween Costume for Kids

Kids Angry Bird Halloween Costume

Avian Kingdom would never want birds to be angry, nor would we condone angering, throwing, or catapulting birds. However, we do recognize Angry Birds ™ as a very popular game for the  young ones and the young at heart. We’ve even found some Angry Birds ™ costumes for you to show your love of the game this Halloween. Click either photo for a link to your favorite costume.

There are also a ton of fun games that you can enjoy at your Halloween party or with the whole family. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites!

Fun Halloween Games

How Many?

Surely you’ll have plenty of candy before and after Halloween. Fill a glass jar with your Halloween candy. Have all participants write down how many pieces of candy they believe are in the jar. Winner takes all! Or shares with everyone else.

Candy Wrapper Race

All you need is a set of mittens for all participants and a bunch of wrapped candy! Set a timer and see who can open the most candy. To make things interesting, everyone should be wearing their mittens.

Halloween Feel Box

Using cardboard, (from old cereal boxes, for example) divide the inside of a large box into four sections, cutting holes in the box corresponding to each section. The holes should be large enough to stick your hand into. Place a secret item in each section of the box for the kids to guess! Here are some fun options:

  • Spider-webs
  • Worms – cooked, cold spaghetti noodles
  • Eyeballs – Grapes or olives in cooking oil
  • Leave one section empty, but cut a whole in the back. Reach through and grab their hand!
  • Fingers – Baby carrots

Pass It On: Ghost Stories

Get a flashlight, turn off all the lights, and have all your guests sit in a circle. With the flashlight, illuminate your face as you begin telling a ghost story. After a few sentences, pass the flashlight to your neighbor and allow them to continue the story. Keep going for as long as you choose, it can be once around the cirlce or even longer. You can also set a timer for each person.

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