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Make a Smart Kid’s Phone

In today’s technology-saturated world, it seems that every kid has a smartphone – or desperately wants one. One way to get your kids off of their cell phones – or yours – would be to engage them in an educational activity that plays on their infatuation with in these devices.

Here’s an idea, drawn from one of the oldest tricks-in-the-book, the Can Phone, or Cup Phone. This is an easy, inexpensive way to have fun with your kids. It’s also a great way to introduce more educational and enriching activities to their daily routine. If you’re interested in learning and in teaching your kids to understand how the Cup Phone idea works, or even how telephones, tape recording, and CDs work, here is a great link: Can two cans and a string really be used to talk over a distance?

How to Make a Smart Kid’s Phone

What You’ll Need:

  • Two cups – plastic or paper (preferably)
  • A long string – plastic or thread
  • A safety pin or ball point pen
  • Scotch Tape
activity_icon_lrg_1Step 1: With your pen or safety pin, punch a small hole into the bottom of each cup. CP_Blog_Img_Step2
activity_icon_lrg_2Step 2: Slip one end of the string through the hole of your first cup, then tie a knot at the end so that the knot sits at the base of the inside of the cup. Tape the knot to the inside of the bottom of the cup. This will create more surface area for the vibrations and enhance sounds coming through.
activity_icon_lrg_3Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with the second cup, using the other end of the string. CP_Blog_Img_Step3
activity_icon_lrg_4Step 4: Once your cups are connected, two people will be able to communicate through them as long as the sting is kept taut. Try standing in different rooms with the cups and talking to each other! It really does work!

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